Have a conversation and learn from Tina!  From a quick chat about a specific topic to monthly meetings over the course of a year.  Tina is passionate about coaching photographers to meet their full potential. Mentoring options include one-on-one or two-on-one plans. So whether you want to venture solo or bring a friend, there is an option for you! 
                                                      TOPIC IDEAS:

Mentoring with Tina



$500 - 1 Hour 
$700 - 2 Hours
$2000 - 4 Hours + 2 Hour Engaged Couple Shoot (6 total hours)
$2200 - 4 Hours + 2 Hour Bride and Groom Shoot (6 total hours)

One-on-One with Tina

Want to learn with a friend?  This option is for you!  You receive 6 dedicated mentoring hours with a bestie.  Save money and grow your businesses together.  

$1400 Per Person - 4 Hours + 2 Hour Engaged Couple Shoot
$1600 Per Person - 4 Hours + 2 Hour Bride and Groom Shoot

Price is per person.

Two-on-One with Tina

Off-Camera Flash
Portfolio Review
Bridal Show Workflow
Wedding Timelines

Business Plan
Website Review
Image Critiques
Finding Your Niche
Pricing For Profit

Building Your Brand
Streamlining Processes
Wedding Day Documents
Hobby to Business
Work/Home Life Balance
Best Business Practices
How to Become Legal

Bring  Your Own Ideas As Well!!

-2 Hours in Person Each Month
        -You choose the topics
 -Website Review
-Portfolio Review
-Business Headshots
-An Engagement Session - for portfolio use
-A Bride and Groom Session - for portfolio use
-Shadow a Full Wedding with Tina
-Shoot a Full Wedding with Tina
I'm an open book.  No question is off limits.   Let's take your business to the next level!!

12 Month One-on-One Mentorship with Tina


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