Bride and groom are standing and embracing and smiling and laughing after their wedding ceremony, they are standing in the library with a Christmas tree behind them at the Manor House

New Years Eve Wedding at The Manor House photographed by Tina Joiner and Associate, Amie Hazlett of Tina Joiner Photography The Manor House Hunting for a venue for a holiday wedding can be difficult. For Kyle and McKenna, one look at The Manor House in Littleton, Colorado, is all it took. The Manor House is […]

A couple stands holding each other wearing formal clothes overlooking a winter wonderland with snow and ice all round and mountain views behind

Winter Engagement in Garden of the Gods photographed by Tina Joiner of Tina Joiner Photography. How They Met Celene: We¬†actually met at work. Our story is a little funny because we sat catty corner to each other for nearly two years and only spoke in pleasantries and office small talk. It was not until a […]